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Bodhgaya Tour: Explore Spiritual Bliss

Bodhgaya is among the most sacred spots in India. According to Hindu beliefs, it is a place where one can seek ‘Moksha'(relief from the cycle of death and birth). The Buddhist pilgrimage center attracts many tourists from across the globe looking for a spiritual experience for the Bodhgaya Tour. Bodhgaya is considered to be the birthplace of Buddhism.


A nexus in Buddhism, Bodhgaya is the sacred city that saw the change of an ascetic prince to Buddha, an enlightened one. Under the holy Bodhi Tree, Prince Siddhartha sat in meditation and became enlightened on the night of the full moon. The famous Middle Path or Eightfold Path teachings also originated in Bodhgaya. In actuality, Bodhgaya played a pivotal moment in Buddha’s spiritual life. The tranquil atmosphere here now, and will remain, an ideal place for meditation and contemplation.

Bodhgaya Tour History

After Buddha died, Ashoka, the great Maurya Emperor, was a significant contributor to the revival of Buddhism. He constructed various pillars (now called Ashoka Pillars) and other places that reflect Buddha’s life. Bodhgaya gained recognition only after the awakening of the Buddha. The name “Bodh-Gaya” resulted from the frequent visits by followers of Gautama Siddhartha throughout the full moon between April and May (Vaisakh according to the Hindu calendar). The day Buddha was enlightened is celebrated as ‘Buddha Purnima’, and the tree under which the divine soul meditated received the name “Bodhi Tree’.

Must See Tourist Attractions in Bodhgaya Tour

Bodh Gaya has many tourist attractions. These beautiful sights and attractions are worth visiting when you go on the Bodh Gaya Tour. We have discussed below the top 5 Bodhgaya Tour attractions one by one in detail.


Mahabodhi Temple

Bodhgaya Tour

Known to the world as a historic place, Mahabodhi Temple is the spiritual centerpiece of Bodhgaya, which is deeply linked to the life of Lord Buddha and his teachings. In addition to its religious significance, it is also an outstanding illustration of the Asokan architectural style. It is entirely constructed of brick.


Moreover, the Temple’s sculpted stone balustrades are an exceptional early example of sculptured reliefs.


Mahabodhi Tree

Nearly every Buddhist devotee wishes to relax in the shade of the Bodhi Tree, to feel peace, surrender, and awaken as Buddha himself did 2500 years ago. It is a Banyan Tree. The Mahabodhi Tree is a refuge for all souls who seek to be protected by its calm shade.


The center of spirituality blesses the Fifth generation of the tree.


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Animesh Lochan Chaitya

Bodhgaya Tour


Animesh Lochan Chaitya Shrine is where Lord Buddha spent his second weeks of meditation after attaining the great awakening. According to legend, his meditation consisted of looking towards the Bodhi Tree for a long time without blinking his eyes.


This is why the place is known as Animesh Lochan, which means -Open Eyes and is believed to be significant because it helps to develop self-control and focus.


Bodhgaya Tour

Monasteries or Viharas are vital for exploring distinct Buddhist practices unique to various nations. Nearly all Buddhist countries have distinct monasteries, built with unique designs that commemorate their place in the holy region. These monasteries from Thailand, Burma, Tibet, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Vietnam, Nepal, Korea, Taiwan, and Bangladesh are essential to the Bodhgaya Tour. They also serve as the home of numerous pilgrims and the spiritual home of many monks who study in these religious study centers.



Bodhgaya Tour

The Vajrasana is a second sacred place in Bodhgaya, where Lord Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment. Emperor Ashoka erected the red sandstone slab between Bodhi Tree and Mahabodhi Temple to identify the exact spot at which Lord Buddha was seated. It is referred to as Buddha’s Vajrasana (meaning the diamond throne or the thunder seat). Lord Buddha was believed to be seated in meditation, looking at the east. 


It is located in the southeast corner of the Temple, one of the most well-known of Ashoka’s numerous pillars (on which he wrote his proclamations and his understanding of the doctrines of religion). Vajrasana has been mentioned in the writings of multiple scholars, such as Ashvaghosa, and his Buddhacharita describes this spot as a necessary “navel in the earth.” Fa-Hien states that all the Buddhas who have gone before were enlightened here and that the future Buddhas will also attain enlightenment from this place.


Bodh Gaya is a small town in Bihar. This town is exceptionally well-known for Buddhists, and each year, many Buddhists go on a Bodhgaya Tour to this place. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment in this town under the Bodhi tree (a Banyan tree). Many people from all over the world travel to Bodh Gaya in India and go on a Bodhgaya Tour to see the Mahabodhi Temple, the Bodhi tree, and other places of interest.


At the end of the third century BCE, Emperor Ashoka constructed a small shrine to show respect to Buddha and identify the site. Today, many visitors and Buddhist pilgrims come to Bodh Gaya from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ideal time to go to Bodh Gaya?

Based on the weather, the months of October through March are ideal for a trip; however, visitors flock to the area all season.

What is unique about Bodh Gaya?

Bodhgaya is one of the most significant and holy Buddhist places of pilgrimage worldwide. Under the banyan tree, or the Bodhi Tree, Siddhartha Gautama attained the highest level of knowledge or great awakening and became Buddha, the Enlightened One.

Is one day enough for the Bodhgaya tour?

A single day is sufficient for Bodhgaya. If you want to add one more day, you can go on the same-day excursions as Nalanda and Rajgir.

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