The Royal Bhutan Monastery, Bodh Gaya

The Royal Bhutan Monastery, Bodh Gaya

Royal Bhutan Monastery is an impressive Buddhist Temple and Monastery in Bodhgaya, Bihar. The Monastery represents the critical moments of Gautam Buddha’s life in clay sculptures that draw thousands of Buddhist followers from all over the globe. The king of Bhutan built this Monastery to pay tribute to Lord Buddha. The Monastery is sure to be awe-inspiring with its magnificent design, tranquility, and seven-foot-tall Buddha statue.


To find peace forever, People from around the world visit the Monastery. Buddhists believe that the spiritual pursuit of monks benefits the entire community and that their rituals provide prosperity and security.

History of Royal Bhutan Monastery


The Royal Bhutan Monastery, also called the Bhutanese Temple, is a relatively new addition to Bodhgaya’s sacred landscape. The king of Bhutan established it as an homage to the Lord Buddha and a home to Bhutanese monks. The Monastery is famous for its stunning architectural design and exquisite representations of the daily life of Buddha using clay carvings.

Moreover,These features make it an essential stop for travelers who travel the Buddhist Circuit of India.

The Royal Bhutan Monastery, Bodh Gaya

Early Beginning of Bodh Gaya Tourism  

The story of travel and tourism to Bodh Gaya stretches back to the time of Buddha’s awakening when monks and pilgrims began to travel to the Mahabodhi Temple, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, and the holy Bodhi Tree.

Through the ages, this place has served as an important landmark for those who follow Buddhism and seek to follow Buddha’s religious journey.


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Modern Age advancements


The modern age has brought advancements in infrastructure and transportation, and hence, Bodh Gaya is more accessible than ever before, and the number of tourists has also been steadily increasing. In addition, the Government of India and the state of Bihar have also taken measures to encourage Bodh Gaya as a top tourist destination for religious tourists.


Additionally, Events like Buddha Purnima, which commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha, attract huge crowds of tourists from around the world.  

Current Tourism Trends In Bodh Gaya

There has been a constant focus on sustainable tourism and increasing the quality of visitor experiences by providing better infrastructure and amenities. There is also the growing trend of “experiential tourism”, where tourists aren’t simply passive observers but actively engaged in local customs and culture, including meditation classes and participation in rituals.


The introduction of the e-tourist Visa by the Indian government has given a philip to the tourism Industry to travel to Bodh Gaya and the Royal Bhutan Monastery. Every year, Bodh Mahotsav is a different initiative to showcase the rich culture of the region. It showcases traditional music, dance, and artistic expressions. These activities further take Bodh Gaya onto the world tourist map.

Best Time to Visit Royal Bhutan Monastery, Bodh Gaya


The best time to visit the Royal Bhutan Monastery in Bodh Gaya is between October and March. These months are the winter season of the Indian subcontinent, and the climate is generally mild and calm. The temperature in this period is pleasant for visiting the Monastery and participating in outdoor excursions. In addition, the grounds of the Monastery are peaceful during this time, which enhances the spirituality of the place. Many people prefer this time of the year just because the scorching heat of the Indian summer and the erratic monsoon season are behind them.


This Royal Bhutan Monastery is located in a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere in Bodhgaya. Visitors can marvel at Bhutanese workmanship and learn about Buddhism history and beliefs. It’s an integral component of the whole experience of Bodh Gaya, which includes other sites of historical significance and entices visitors with its spiritual ambience.  


Bodh Gaya continues to grow as a tourist destination that honors its extraordinary heritage while adjusting to the demands and desires of the modern traveler, ensuring every trip is deeply unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Royal Bhutan Monastery?

The Royal Bhutan Monastery is a Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya,Bihar, India. It is among the numerous Buddhist Temples located within Bodh Gaya.  


What is the significance of the Royal Bhutan Monastery?  

It is believed that the Royal Bhutan Monastery holds a special significance since it symbolizes the strong religious and cultural connections between Bhutan and India. The Monastery has a traditional Bhutanese architectural style and exquisite frescoes and carvings that tell the story of Buddha.


Does the Royal Bhutan Monastery have any entry fee?

There is typically no cost for visiting the Royal Bhutan Monastery, but donations are welcomed to assist in its operation.


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