Muchalinda Lake/ Sarovar or Pond Bodh Gaya

Muchalinda Lake: Muchalinda Sarovar or Pond

When we talk of Gautam Buddha, we immediately associate it with India and its Asian cultures. Here’s a great demonstration of Lord Buddha in question. You can flock to Muchalinda Lake and see for yourself the truth behind this historical myth.  

Muchalinda Lake is located in Bodh Gaya (Bihar) and has a significant religious and cultural significance. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery, and its serene atmosphere attracts tourists with its natural beauty. So, let us delve into the legends and features of Muchalinda Lake.

Muchalinda Lake: Intro, Features, and Significance 

Muchalinda Lake

Mucalinda (also known as Muchalinda and Mucilinda) is the name of the naga. This snake-like creature protected Gautama Buddha from the great storm after his enlightenment.. A lake of unimaginable beauty can be found in Bodhgaya. In the middle of the Muchalinda Lake, a clay figure of Lord Buddha is positioned.

This mythical structure tells of a storm that raged on Lord Buddha during his sixth week of meditation. The waves he received were heavy. The legend goes on to tell us that, during the storm, a Snake-King called Muchalinda appeared out of his abode and protected Lord Buddha, who was meditating at the time.

Even today, passersby can still see the Lord Buddha sitting in the middle of the lake on top of a large coiled snake. This lake is said to be sacred, and it is home to more than 1,000 species of fishes.

Lake Muchalinda: Legend Has It!

Muchalinda Lake got its name from a mythical serpent king called Muchalinda. It is said that he sheltered Gautama during a storm when he was in deep meditation. According to legend, the serpent-king wrapped himself around Buddha in order to protect him until the storm passed.

The lake is near the Mahabodhi Temple where Gautama Buddha achieved enlightenment. After the storm, it is said that Muchalinda changed himself into a snake and created the Lake as a sign of his devotion and protection to  Buddha.

Muchalinda Lake Surroundings

Muchalinda Lake

Muchalinda Lake is surrounded by a serene and tranquil atmosphere that provides the perfect environment for reflection and meditation. You can sit by the lake and enjoy the gentle breeze. The natural beauty is enhanced by the greenery and shimmering water.

Many devotees visit the lake to pay respect and ask for blessings. Meditation near the lake is thought to help achieve inner peace and spiritual awakening. Many visitors offer prayers and perform rituals around the lake in order to gain the blessings from Muchalinda and the Buddha.

Muchalinda Lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens and walkways. It’s a great place to picnic and take leisurely walks. The lake is a tranquil place where visitors can relax, enjoy nature and spend time with their family.

Conditions for visiting the Muchalinda Lake – Timings and Entry Fees

There is no entry fee. It is open every day from 5am until 9pm. Any time of the day whether morning, afternoon and evening, it is  the right time to visit the snake-coiled Lord Buddha.  


Muchalinda Sarovar or lake, one of Bodh Gaya’s most sacred sites, is located in the heart of the city. It is here that Lord Buddha meditated on his 6th week  after achieving enlightenment. When Lord Buddha was in his meditation, a storm hit and the Serpent king of the lake came out to protect Buddha.

Muchalinda sarovar is also known as Lotus Pond. This idol depicts a similar scene with Lord Buddha in a meditative pose. The lake is also home to many fishes, which are a great attraction for tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind Lake Muchalinda ?

Muchalinda, the Serpent-King of the Lake, came out from his home to protect Buddha when a storm hit. Muchalinda Sarovar is also known as Lotus Pond.

What lake is near Mahabodhi Temple and its significance?

The Serpent King Mucalinda used his hood as shelter so as not to deviate Buddha from his meditation. The structure that depicts the epic story can be found at the center of  Muchalinda Lake, and is part of the Mahabodhi Temple Situated on the right hand side

Who is the God Mucalinda ?  

Mucalinda (also known as Muchalinda),  or Mucilinda is the name of the naga who, after Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment, protected him from the thunderstorm..  

Thank You Buddha 

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