Chinese Temple Bodhgaya

BodhGaya Chinese Temple

Buddhist monks built the Chinese Temple. It is adorned with beautiful Chinese artwork and has an image of Lord Buddha inside the sacred sanctum.


In terms of spiritual and cultural concord, the Chinese Temple, located in Bodhgaya Bihar, is an exceptional instance. It represents the blend of Chinese with Indian Buddhist traditions. This temple that Chinese Buddhist monks helped to build in 1945, with the help of the Chinese government, was renovated in 1997 to protect its beauty as well as its historical significance.

Chinese Temple Bodhgaya Overall Architecture


The exterior of the temple is designed to look like that of a Chinese Monastery, and the interior design and the structure of the temple are a mix that combines traditional Chinese and Indian architectural styles. The Chinese Temple BodhGaya is something that you should not miss visiting due to its unique style, which attracts tourists from many countries.

Chinese Temple: A Sacred Place of Worship  

The Buddha statue, which is over two hundred years old and was brought from China, is located inside the temple. This statue is an example of the long-lasting religion-based relations between the two countries. The temple is also the home of three golden Buddha statues that have a significant role to play in the practice of worship and ceremonies held in the temple.


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Chinese Temple Bodhgaya

The Cultural Viewpoint of Chinese Temple Bodhgaya

The temple’s walls are adorned with images and travelogs, which were created by Chinese intellectuals who traveled to India seeking religious and spiritual knowledge. The stories that are included here offer a glimpse of the interactions that took place between the two nations.


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Chinese Temple Bodhgaya

Festivities inside the Chinese Temple

An event to celebrate Buddha’s birth is popularly known as Buddha Jayanti. It is thought to be among the most significant events that occur in the Chinese Temple. A lively atmosphere and filled with gratitude is the result of the hundreds of followers and monks who travel from all over the world.


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Chinese Temple Bodhgaya

Notifications for Travellers

The temple is located in a prime location close to the entry point of the Mahabodhi Temple complex and about 1 km from Bodhgaya Bus Station. The temple is open every day from 7 early in the morning until 6 pm in the evening. It welcomes visitors to visit its sacred halls and peaceful surroundings.  


It is free of cost to enter the temple, therefore anyone who would like to experience the peace and tranquility of the temple can enjoy it without restrictions. Dress modestly to be respectful of the sacred value of the temple. The temple does not prohibit photography, but it is considerate to inquire for permission before taking pictures inside the temple.


Traveling through Bodh Gaya, in addition to being home to the Chinese Temple, Bodh Gaya is also home to a myriad of other holy sites like Bodhgaya Mahabodhi Temple, the Bodhi Tree and the Great Buddha Statue, and numerous monasteries that represent various nations. Furthermore, the Tibetan Refugee Market and the Sujata Temple are noteworthy tourist spots.


To connect diverse Buddhist practices and to bridge the gap between various Buddhist disciplines, the Chinese Temple is a symbol of peace and unity in the spiritual realm. Everyone who visits can experience something truly unique because of the peaceful environment and the rich legacy of culture that it represents. 


The Chinese Temple located in Bodh Gaya is a place that reflects the spirit of Buddhism and the common culture of the two countries. This is a place which is perfect for anyone seeking the search for spirituality, seeking out architectural beauty or is just seeking peace and tranquility. It is here where the past and present meet and extends the possibility to all visitors to be part of the eternal peace and spiritual grace it has.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Chinese Temple in Bodhgaya?

The Chinese Temple can be described as a cherished Buddhist temple located at Bodhgaya, Bihar, 1 kilometer away from the Bodhgaya bus station. It is among the numerous temples in Bodh Gaya,and among the top places to visit on Bodh Gaya trips. It is situated just opposite the entrance to Mahabodhi Temple complex.

Who built the Bodhgaya Chinese Temple?

Chinese Temple is a magnificent Buddhist temple that was built in 1945 by Chinese Buddhist monks in conjunction with the Chinese government. 

Is there any entry fee for the Chinese Temple Bodhgaya? 

Entry to the Chinese Temple Bodhgaya is entirely free at the moment. However, we advise you to kindly check with the temple authorities as the regulations may change depending upon their terms.  

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